Why hire a private supervisor?

  • Need someone to supervise your hours towards BBS LCSW or LMFT
  • You may have found the right job but either you're not getting the guidance and support you need from your current supervisor, or you find that your supervisor isn't the right fit to help enhance your clinical skills, career goals, and specialties
  • Access to supervision has been limited
  • You like your supervisor, but he/she isn't challenging you enough and you feel "stuck"
  • Hiring a private supervisor allows you to choose the best match for you, unlike agency work where you're assigned a supervisor without your input or control

With almost 15 years of direct clinical practice experience, I enjoy helping other clinicians grow in their career and hone their clinical skills. I supervised MSW interns for several years, which is where my love of teaching started. I now teach as an adjunct professor at California State University, Fullerton, where I have the opportunity to teach part-time and contribute to the next generation of clinical social workers.

If you're looking for a supervisor who will challenge you, work with you to exceed your goals, and help you feel more confident in your clinical skills, I encourage you to contact me. Together we will develop a customized plan to meet your unique needs.