Welcome to my therapy practice. I understand how challenging it can be to find a therapist who’s the right fit. It can be even more tough to find a therapist who is culturally competent. What does that mean exactly? You want to find a therapist who you don’t need to explain all the nuances of your culture and/or sexuality so that you can focus on the concern that brought you to therapy. A therapist who is culturally competent understands, for example: the significance of family to people of color, the value of interdependence over independence, your culture’s/community’s value systems, traditions, beliefs and how all this may play a role in our lives. 

As a woman of color, a child of immigrants, and a proud ally, I’ve dedicated my clinical career to empowering diverse populations, namely people of color and individuals from the LGBTQ community. So whether you identify as African-American/Black, Latinx, Middle Eastern, brown, Asian, and/or queer, my extensive knowledge of issues related to race/ethnicity, culture, and sexuality will help facilitate open discussions to promote change and resilience.  I invite you to contact me for a free phone consult.